An intro.

“Ah yes, another blog”. I know you’re all thinking it, another know-it-all filling cyber space with noise. So, what’s the point? Blogs have always been my begging question mark. Enticing, yet puzzling. So many pull them off effortlessly. A thoughtful theme, witty tone, punchy point, poised with purpose, and delightfully drole… but, let’s be honest. Nothing in my life is that well put together. Woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, artist, entrepreneur, and businesswoman alike. No part of this life is poignantly poised like Martha Stewart, but for what it lacks in perfection it boasts in bloated emotion, awkward moments, honest mistakes, and beautiful memories. A life on paper. Take it or leave it. Perhaps you’ll find the chaos entertaining, my life tips helpful, or you’re reading out of pure shock and horror; nonetheless, its written and read. And that, my friend, is the point.